Thought Projects was founded to take advantage of opportunities in the online marketplace and to test emerging online marketing strategies.

Aaron Rosenthal
President & Founder

We help businesses increase traffic,

optimize landing pages, develop domains,

drive leads, and more...

Traffic Generation

Since 2002 our founder has been dedicated to acquiring website traffic as efficiently and affordably as possible. As such, we specialize in natural search optimization (SEO) and generating the maximum return on investment from paid search.


Properly managed natural search campaigns can provide a major source of traffic and growth. The wrong actions have consequences. We work to solve past issues and increase search rankings the right way.


We take the same approach with a clients campaign as we do our own. Keyword research, ad testing, campaign organization, and landing page testing, are critical parts of a successful paid search campaign.

Display Ads

From social media placements to targeted websites we work to find the best ad placements for your offer.

Sales/Lead Generation

Since 2009 we've generated leads and sales for many of the largest online companies. In 2012, we surpassed ten million dollars in lead generation and affiliate revenue.

White Label

We can build an entire website and marketing campaign around your white labeled product.

Hosted Forms

Hosted forms on our website will post the leads directly to your CRM.


Our landing pages and websites will do the preselling for your product or service.

Website Optimization

With nearly 20 years of combined website optimization experience, Aaron and Robert have tremendous insight into what works and what doesn't. They have applied that insight through work with a wide variety of companies to optimize their websites and generate more revenue from their traffic.

Landing Page

We work to understand the motivation of your visitors and how to modify landing pages to best convert for your targeted traffic.

Checkout Process

Shopping cart and checkout processes can be difficult and confusing to customers. We know how to simplify the process and increase sales.

Purchase Path

The path from entrance page to purchase page needs to be as simple as possible. We can get more visitors onto your purchase path.

Domain Partnership

Through our own testing we have helped to establish a platform for improving the traffic monetization of type-in domain names. We have helped transform good domain names into great websites.


We partner with companies looking to develop their top tier domain names into industry leading properties.


Domain monetization can be the perfect solution for companies looking to drive traffic in the short term.