Thought Projects was founded to take advantage of opportunities in the online marketplace and to test emerging online marketing strategies.

Aaron Rosenthal
President & Founder

About Thought Projects

Our roots go back to 2005, when long-time Internet marketers Aaron Rosenthal (LinkedIn profile) and Robert Reynard (LinkedIn profile) began independently testing popular affiliate strategies and acquiring keyword-rich domain names that might offer strong development prospects. In 2009, the two formed ThoughtProjects LLC so they would pursue optimization testing, lead generation, domain development, and explore various online monetization strategies.

In addition to its primary focuses, we consult with companies about optimizing their conversion and online advertising campaigns. We also work with companies looking to expand their online reach by helping them generate high quality traffic and leads. Finally, and somewhat unique to this business, we partner with companies looking to develop their own top tier domain names.

"We view domain acquisitions much like a commercial developer would view building location. We understand that the right domain name helps drive maximum value for our web properties." - Aaron Rosenthal.

If you are interested in finding out more about possible opportunities to work with us please contact us here.