Thought Projects was founded to take advantage of opportunities in the online marketplace and to test emerging online marketing strategies.

Aaron Rosenthal
President & Founder

Domain Partnerships

We are always looking for new lead generation / affiliate opportunities. If your business is looking to expand its online presence with a partner who can deliver high quality traffic we encourage you to contact us.

The majority of the domains we develop are our own. Occasionally, we work with domain owners to help develop their domain names.

This is not a consulting service; it is a partnership.

Typically, we operate under a revenue sharing agreement for a predefined term after which the domain holder receives complete control of the domain, the website, and all the collateral.

With such a structure, Thought Projects assumes much of the risks and costs associated with developing a domain name. For this reason we are extremely selective who we choose to work with and what domains we choose to develop.

If you would like to talk to us about developing one of your names or discuss a lead generation opportunity with your business, you can contact us here.

Domain Development and Revenue Optimization

We transform good domain names into great websites and help them rank for the keyword phrases they represent.

Direct navigation or type-in traffic may account for less than 1% of the searches on a specific keyword phrase. By developing a domain, we capture more of these searches, increasing the revenue and value of the domain name.

Domain parking is an easy way to turn type-in traffic into revenue without much work. However, it does not maximize the potential of a premium domain name. For that, you must develop it and build an SEO (search engine optimization) strategy.

Search engines are looking for unique content. They also want it to be well written and for the website to use proper site structure, but perhaps most importantly, they want to know that visitors approve of the content. To help determine this they look for a strong backlink profile. When we develop domain names, we try to build useful sites. This helps us attract quality backlinks which tell the search engines that a site is trustworthy, and worthwhile to rank.

You may have seen companies claiming to offer quick website solutions and SEO shortcuts. The fact is, that developing a domain name with fast, low quality or non-original content can actually damage your domain's reputation in the eyes of the search engine. Utilizing bad SEO practices may end up penalizing or even de-listing your site. This can dramatically decrease the value of your domain name and is why it is so important to build your site the right way.

While most of our development is focused on in-house properties (domains we own) we do partner with others when presented with the right opportunity.

What Domains Qualify

We develop top-level keyword rich domain names. Most of the domains we develop are dot com's. We look for domains that represent the entire keyword phrase and do not use additional connecting words.

Keyword specifics are very important to developing relevant high-ranking sites. For that reason a domain such as "" is a more attractive development prospect than "", even though "" is a shorter domain and may otherwise be more desirable.

Domains representing keyword phrases that have high levels of search volume generally present better development opportunities than those with low search volumes.

Since name development is an intensive possess, we also evaluate the revenue potential of a particular domain as well as the traffic potential. For that reason a domain such as "" is going to be a more attractive development prospect then "".

3 Steps to Domain Development

We have simplified our approach to developing domains into three steps, they are:

Build a useful web portal - This all starts with researching the industry and finding out what people are looking for when they search your domain's keyword phrase. This is critical to making sure we are focused on the right projects and in the proper direction.

Develop SEO strategy - SEO for any website can be broken up into three parts: unique content, clean source code, and relevant backlinks.

Optimizing revenue - Ads powered by Google or Bing (Including Yahoo) can be an inefficient way to monetize a site. While they may be relevant, the publisher receives a small fraction of the advertiser's payment. Identifying how to generate the most revenue from a site's advertisements is imperative to maximizing revenue.

Monetization Strategy

Besides developing the domain name and helping it to rank competitively, we also try to work to maximize the revenue stream of the developed sites.

In several tests we have found that CPC (cost-per-click) ads powered by Google or Bing (Including Yahoo) can be an inefficient way to monetize a site; though these ads seem to be the most common choice of other domain developers. Although they may be relevant to the site, the publisher is typically paid a small fraction of what the advertiser may be paying and is willing to pay for a qualified customer.

The founders of Thought Projects have years of expertise in the affiliate and lead-generation space. Combining lead and affiliate offers with CPC ads helps us generate more revenue from each website.

How Fast We See Rankings

The goal of any development project is to rank competitively in the search engines. Ranking will insure that there is a great deal more traffic than the domain would otherwise receive.

We are often surprised by the speed with which we see noticeable results. However, we do like to caution partners that taking a "walk-not-run" strategy can often be the best approach. Typically, this translates to a 4-6 month period on average before you start to see results.

To protect everyone's interest we often include a benchmark minimum. For example, if an agreed upon benchmark is not hit within 12 months, the partnership may be prematurely terminated at either parties' request.

If you would like to talk to us about developing one of your names or discuss a lead generation opportunity with your business, you can contact us here.